Terms of Use

1. Contact us:

Do you need someone to manage your property? You contact us and a member of the MyLodgingfy team will ask you a few questions so that we can be clear about your needs and thus be able to create a complete profile of you and your property. In addition, we will answer any questions you have and we will advise you so that you know what is best for your apartment to achieve the maximum possible profitability.

2. More reservations:

When we have your apartment ready to receive your guests, we upload your property on the most important websites. Here our online marketing expert works the ad so that it has the best positioning and the largest number of reservations. To do this, we take into account different key factors such as price (revenue management), calendar, season, etc. Our goal is to generate the best reserves with the best profitability.

3. Happy guests:

If the guest confirms a reservation, you receive an email to find out at the moment. MyLodgingfy will contact your guests and we will take care of everything. We wait for you at the airport, receive you, and do the check-in. Then we give you all the details of your apartment and advise you at all times so that you have an unforgettable experience.

4. Relax:

At the end of each month, you receive a detailed monthly summary of your reservations. Now relax, you know that with MyLodgingfy you are sure that your apartment will not have any inconvenience and that your guests will fully enjoy the best of our city.