About us

We work around the world and have offices located in Barcelona, Spain, and Melbourne, Australia.

About us?

MyLodgingfy offers the largest and most efficient service to owners and guests who use tourist rental services (such as Airbnb, Vrbo, Booking.com) or temporary rentals anywhere in the world. Owners can be sure that their visitors will be given a warm welcome and 24/7 attention, with a variety of services to offer them an unforgettable experience. MyLodgingfy was born from the need to provide a concrete solution to the problems of owners who need a company that is in charge of everything that the management of a tourist property means using new technologies. At MyLodgingfy we understood more than 10 years ago that the typical and old companies that managed tourist apartments were two steps behind with the service they offered to their clients. And most importantly, they were several steps behind with the use of new technologies and with the understanding of the new user in tourism that is part of and consumes the concept of the "Sharing Economy". That is why we had to adapt to this and offer a more professional service in accordance with that concept. At MyRentalHost we work in that direction and offer an "all-inclusive" service where we not only have to provide personalized solutions to apartment owners but also to guests to achieve a better experience, which results in better comments and better benefits and profitability. for apartment owners. Our objective is very clear: to help owners become, through us, the best hosts in the city and thus generate more and better income through tourist or temporary rentals, guaranteeing a warm, professional, and effective service.

What is MyLodgingfy?

Our mission is to provide a service to those people who cannot manage a tourist property. It is that the owner forgets everything and that he obtains the highest possible profitability with an excellent treatment of the guest.


Know all our services

1. Welcome guest (Check-in/-out):

First of all, we are hosts with many years of experience and we know how to treat guests. We welcome you with a smile and explain everything about how the apartment works and most importantly, as we are locals, we give you all the tips on how to enjoy the city like a local. At all times the guest is in communication with the person who made the check-in. Instant communication is one of the main factors in the experience in our apartments.

2. Apartment Setup:

After many years of experience managing tourist apartments, we know what an apartment has to have to be successful. When we see your apartment, we give you all the advice you need to optimize it to the maximum. Many times for a very small budget we can improve reservations by 30%.

3. Reservation management (bookings):

We get you the best guests for your apartment. Because in these years we know that excellent guests are excellent results. That is why we work with the best portals (Airbnb, Homeaway, Booking, etc.) We take care of everything, upload it, editors put the most selling texts, etc etc etc. This constant work makes us proud to say that we have an 87% annual occupancy rate in our flats. Amazing, right?

4. Professional cleaning:

One of the fundamental factors in generating good comments and therefore is cleanliness. We know this and we take this issue with the importance it has, which is why the floors we manage are cleaned by people who come from 5-star hotels. We always control the quality of the service so that it is excellent.

5. Maintenance:

We take care of your tourist apartment in every way. That is why we have a team of maintenance experts who can solve any type of problem in a matter of minutes. From changing a light bulb to doing a complete reform.

6. Household Linen and Laundry:

Another of the primary factors in providing the best experience to our guests is “sleeping”. That is why we provide rental of excellent quality sheets and towels (we buy from 5-star hotel providers) so that our guests feel that fresh smell and the 100% cotton that embraces them in each apartment we have.

7. Legal advice:

Having a tourist apartment is synonymous with high profitability, which is why this activity has laws that regulate it in many aspects. We have a group of lawyers specializing in tourist apartments at your disposal so that in the future you do not have any unforeseen events in this area.

8. Exclusive MRH management system:

Since we tried all the management systems on the market and we didn't like any of them, we decided to create one ourselves. With this system we not only manage our entire business (we organize our check-in team, cleaning, we even generate invoices, etc, etc) but also for our clients it means having in one place all the detailed information of the reservations, the financial information of each floor in detail (by month, yearly and in general), control calendars, and much more. Something that we promise you is that no one in the market can give you as much information about your apartment as we do.

9. Staging (decoration):

An apartment that is well decorated and with its things in order, can increase the profitability of your apartment by almost 45%. That is why we have a group of professionals who specialize in tourist flats and always provide the best service at the best price. We make a complete project with strategic options for you to choose the one you like the most. Nice flats, more profitable flats.

10. Professional Photography:

They say what counts is the first impression. With our team of photographers specializing in tourist apartments in Barcelona, ​​you can rest assured that your apartment will look luxurious. Without lying clearly (because we know that there is nothing more frustrating than a guest saying "it's not the same as the photos") the photos have to sell the apartment by paying attention to the strengths of the apartment. Click and booked.

11. 24/7 available:

All tourist apartments must have a 24/7 line for assistance in case any problem happens. At MyLodgingfy, we have a team of specialists who will be in charge of solving any problem, no matter the time. This is something key to giving guests (and owners) that we are always by their side for anything.

12. Consulting in general:

Experience is our most precious capital. That is why if you need to know everything to start with your tourist property, we have a group of experts who will inform you what you need to take into account at the legal, strategic, decoration, reservations, channels, etc., etc. levels. It may also be that you currently have a management agency and need a second opinion on how to better manage your flat. There we will be at your service. Consult us without commitment.

Services for our guests

-Shuttle transfer service: We have exclusive transportation services to welcome you with a smile and leave you at the door of the apartment. The experience has to be at all stages, even when getting off the plane.

-Baby Sitter: Many guests come with children, and we know that when on vacation, it is also necessary to have some adult time. That is why we have a group of girls with experience in taking care of the little ones. Our guests can relax with our services for children.

- Welcome folder Guide: For years we can proudly say that we are locals, we like to enjoy the city in every way and we pass it on to each guest who comes to our apartments. That is why part of our services we design a folder with all the detailed information about what they can do in each of the wonderful cities where we are. Knowing the city like a local is the best experience for a guest.

- Guides Getting to know the city from the hand of the people who know the most about it is one of our most precious goals. At MyLodgingfy we select the best tour guides for guests to know the most important and most hidden places in each city.