My Lodgingfy International

Comprehensive management of tourist and temporary apartments around the world.

For owners and owners:

Do you have a tourist apartment somewhere in the world? We are a company that specializes in the integral management of tourist apartments around the world so that you can forget about everything and maximize your profitability. We register it and keep it permanently updated on the most important websites, we do check-in/out, professional cleaning, clothing rental, communication with guests, reforms, etc. Are you thinking of converting your apartment into a tourist flat? We offer comprehensive management of tourist and temporary apartments around the world. We advise you on everything you need, from legalization to start-up. With a brief visit, we will tell you the estimated profits and the necessary investment for it. Get to know MyLodgingfy, the perfect solution you were looking for for the comprehensive management of your temporary tourist apartments anywhere in the world.

For your guests:

Do you want to provide the best experience for your guests? Because we know that a happy guest means better bookings and therefore better profitability. That is why we take care of the guest experience at all stages, from before the reservation is made, from when they arrive in Barcelona ​​until they return home. Have someone pick them up at the airport? Book at that romantic restaurant that you like so much? have a tour guide? what arrives and the fridge is with the favorite food and drink? Tickets to see Barça? Or maybe a babysitter or a personal shopper? This and many more things are what we can offer your guests to give them the best stay with the aim of generating the best comments for your apartment and thus, more and better reservations and, most importantly, more profitability for you. All happy, right?